100 Flood Affected UPCI Families Need Our Help

India is currently in monsoon season, but this year has seen unprecedented rainfall with complications mounting. At last report, there have been 324 deaths throughout the state of Kerala, and more than 223,000 people are being housed in 1,500 relief camps. Seven UPCI churches have been damaged. More than 100 families of our church have been affected and some have lost their homes and belongings.

Since June Kerala has experienced 37% excess rainfall. Compare this to 2013 when the area saw this percentage over the entire monsoon season. Unlike in the past, many dams have had to be opened to release the excess water. This has caused widespread damage to many buildings, homes, and churches in multiple districts. Almost all buildings in the region are submerged and even the military personnel are having difficulty getting to the region to help. Roads are entirely underwater causing hundreds of people to be stranded, and even the Kochi airport has been shut down until at least August 26th.

With your help, CSI can help 100 UPCI families and 7 UPCI churches with immediate relief supplies, home repairs and rebuilding the collapsed churches. CSI needs your help to raise $15,000.00 to assist with these urgent needs. Please prayerfully consider what you can do to help. Our brothers and sisters in India need our prayers and financial support. During this tragic time let’s show them that they are not alone.

$2,000 is No Longer Sufficient

When we originally launched the India Flood Relief campaign earlier this month, the need was urgent but not as widespread. As the rains have continued, many more Apostolic Pentecostals, UPCI churches, and people of all faiths have been affected. In light of new needs, we have updated our goal to $15,000.

- The CSI Team

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